Expert Professional Indemnity Information & Advice in NSW

In addition to offering you specialised insurance coverage for your professional services, the team at Certicover Insurance is proud to provide you with expert professional indemnity information and advice all in one place. If you have a question about our product or are looking for a particular document, browse through to find what you’re looking for or feel free to contact one of our knowledgeable insurance advisers.

Useful Resources & Documents

  • General Advice
  • TMD
  • FSG
  • PDS
  • Privacy Policy
  • Important Notices
  • Domestic and Family Violence Policy
  • Supporting Vulnerable Customers Policy
  • Financial Hardship Application Form
  • Broker Terms of Business Agreement

Useful Resources & Documents

Certicover Insurance was developed to:

  • Restore community trust in the certifier industry and enhance its professional reputation
  • Take control of AAC members’ own destiny with the required statutory protections
  • Ensure that changes in key legislation and regulation are better understood by certifiers
  • Gather expansive data from certifiers and develop more affordable and sustainable protection
  • Enhance the professional development and training of AAC members
  • Involve members in strategic actions for better claims outcomes
  • Limit legacy liability related to external cladding from prospective risk pricing
  • Respond to reduced risk appetite and more restrictive terms, including higher excess levels and hardening prices of fewer insurers in the local and overseas market
  • Respond to the overwhelming request by AAC members for a mutually beneficial alternative solution

Certicover Insurance is a brand owned by the Association of Australian Certifiers (AAC).  The AAC has contracted Australian Underwriting Pty Ltd to provide a professional indemnity insurance product to our members as a cover holder of certain insurers at Lloyd’s of London.

The AAC receives a portion of the premium paid to assist in the management and development of the continuing insurance needs of members and support the Professional Standards Scheme. The Board ensures that its decisions and strategies are those that support the professional integrity of the certifier industry and its members.

Certicover Insurance offers:

  • Exclusive cover to AAC members via a direct distribution model
  • Response to a member’s nominated insurance broker who acts on their behalf
  • Access to the legal panel of Certicover Insurance to provide high level legal advice on contractual agreements
  • Assistance and advice for members with handling unresolved claims with previous insurers
  • Access to available funding of insurance premium
  • Educational support to AAC members on risk management, insurance cover and trends
Contact Certicover Insurance on 0425 239 234 for information and advice on professional indemnity insurance.