Professionally Accredited Specialist Insurance in NSW

Certicover Insurance is a professionally accredited specialist insurance product offering comprehensive cover for all your professional indemnity insurance needs. If you are a member of the Association Australian Certifiers (AAC), Certicover Insurance is specifically designed to support you with your certification services. With the help of our expert insurance advisers and their vast industry knowledge, you can rest easy knowing that you are well protected. With Certicover Insurance, you get cover you can count on.

Developed for AAC Members

Certicover Insurance has been created by the Association of Australian Certifiers (AAC) in response to the variability of professional indemnity insurance options for registered certifiers. The development of Certicover Insurance works in parallel with the AAC’s submission of a professional standards scheme that will allow the limitation of liability for registered certifiers in New South Wales. Avoid the annual insurance nightmare and choose Certicover Insurance – the cover you can count on.

About Certicover Insurance

Certicover Insurance has been developed by the AAC specifically with their members’ needs in mind. We worked closely with the AAC to ensure that, as one of their members, you have a professional indemnity insurance policy that meets the requirements for your registration and also provides the best possible cover if a claim ever arises. Our product has been developed using the AAC specific wording for professional indemnity insurance, which is designed to support its members and highlights the AAC objectives to:

Certicover Insurance is a Lloyd’s of London backed product and is issued by Australian Underwriting Pty Ltd trading as Certicover Insurance.


Certicover Insurance is exclusive to AAC members.

Professional indemnity cover you can count on with Certicover Insurance. Contact us today on 0425 239 234.