Professional Indemnity Insurance Application Support in NSW

The team of expert insurance advisers at Certicover Insurance is proud to provide start to finish professional indemnity insurance application support to our potential and current clients. You can apply for the Certicover Insurance product directly through our team or via your nominated broker. When dealing directly with Certicover Insurance the advice provided will be general in nature and no alternative quotes will be provided.

Access Our Quoting Portal

What's Next?

One of the most significant benefits of insuring yourself with Certicover Insurance is the exclusive access to our quoting portal. Our online quoting portal helps to simplify the quote and application process for first-time as well as returning clients. The portal will provide you with a handy list of all the information required to help you complete your quote. 

Once we have processed your or your broker’s request to access our quoting portal, we will share your login details with you. You can then use your login details to enter the quoting portal by clicking here.

While the volume of information requested may seem daunting, it should be easily accessible as it is the same information that you would have provided to the Department of Fair Trading for your registration. 

Renewing your policy after the first year will be simpler than ever when you use the quote portal for the first policy year, as you will only have to notify us of any changes to your existing information.

Our 7-Step Process

To complete your obligation free quote and to apply for our Certicover Insurance policy, you simply have to follow our 7-step process. This will help us gather all the information we need to provide you with an accurate quote and, should you choose Certicover Insurance, to process your policy application. We gather information in 7 different categories, which include:



Professional fee income for current, previous and next financial years.



  • Details & breakdown of consulting work, nature of professional services and types of buildings certified

  • Number of registered certifiers by accreditation categories as well as non-accredited staff



  • Number and types of certificates issued in a year and split by building classification
  • Past and proposed changes to your practice’s professional services or entity
  • Details of any disciplinary action, fines imposed or past and pending inquiry
  • Details of all major projects and fee income including any clients who are key developers or builders



  • Full particulars of past and present claims, events, circumstances of potential claims
  • Copy of past and existing insurer claims history reports
  • Full particulars of projects involving work conducted on defective external cladding



  • Copy of standard written terms of engagement agreement
  • Copy of all contracts entered into where you have excluded proportionate liability or provided a hold harmless clause or waived your rights of recovery
  • Sound knowledge of your business practices, internal controls, IT systems and records
  • Registration details of all sub-contractors and external consultants engaged



  • Company registration details of your practice’s entity and branches as well as ABN, registration and personal details of all certifiers and professionals seeking professional indemnity protection
  • Names and details of each registered certifier under your business
  • Full description of professional services required to be covered
  • Particulars of existing and past professional indemnity cover over 10 years including limits of protection, excess levels, reinstatements, special endorsements and existing and renewal terms and conditions



Required optional extensions to the professional indemnity protection or special endorsements.

Protect yourself and your business with professional indemnity insurance from Certicover Insurance. Contact us on 0425 239 234.